• Crab

    Cancer Pagurus - The Galician ox sea...

    9,60 € 12,00 €

Top sellers

  • Mussel

    Mytilus Galloprovincialis - Galician mussels are raised in punts,...

    1,50 €
  • Pullet Carpet Shell

    Venerupis Pullastra - The slug or white clam is one of three native...

    24,55 €
  • Navajas

    Ensis Arcuatus - Galician knives are a mollusk shell possessing an...

    14,00 €
  • Crab

    Cancer Pagurus - The Galician ox sea is distinguished from other types...

    9,60 €
  • Lobster

    Homarus Gammarus - Galician lobster is one of the most sought-after...

    38,00 €

About Us

Curropesca is a family company dedicated to national and international wholesale marketing of fresh fish and seafood for over 40 years. This experience strengthens us as a company able to offer the best genres of costs and Galicia. mainly we distribute products of our land, polo that our products are of unparalleled freshness and recognized quality.

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