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    Cancer Pagurus - The Galician ox sea...

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In Curropesca also we have the best seafood in the Galician estuaries, selected in the auction by specialized buyers in gender. Once acquired, we distribute immediately or store it in our own nurseries.

Galician seafood is unique and has a deserved international fame. We select and what we offer to savor the true taste of Galicia.

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  • Mytilus Galloprovincialis - Galician mussels are raised in punts, surrounded by an ecosystem with large deposits of phytoplankton, which make them a product of a quality superior to any other.

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  • Venerupis Pullastra - The slug or white clam is one of three native varieties (clams, clam, blond clam slug) most appreciated of Galicia. To differentiate it, just look at his elongated oval shape, soft gray or cream color.

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  • Ensis Arcuatus - Galician knives are a mollusk shell possessing an elongated traveled by very thin vertical and horizontal grooves, which inside houses a tasty meat and a unique flavor of its kind.

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  • Cerastoderma Edule - Galician cockle is one of the most abundates and the best quality in the world. This bivalve mollusk characterized by its heart-shaped with a thick shell.

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  • Homarus Gammarus - Galician lobster is one of the most sought-after shellfish, since it has a thin, flavorful meat that makes it stand out over others.

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  • Cancer Pagurus - The Galician ox sea is distinguished from other types by their long legs and hairy, besides its color, which is usually lighter than other types. Being raised in our estuaries, it makes this seafood is delicious and of high quality.

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  • Maja Squinado - Galician spider crab has five pairs of hard and long legs and is distinguished by its triangular abdomen and her dark red brown. Their meat is tasty and high quality.

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  • Venerupis Rhomboides - This kind of clam meat is characterized by pink which makes it unmistakable with any other, whose color is white with a light gray or brown pigmentation between or slightly yellowish. It has a great consistency and can be very suitable for the preparation of soups, stews...

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  • Ruditapes Philippinarum - This kind or variety is originally from the French and English coasts, and was introduced in Galicia by its rapid growth. Its culinary use is for stews, rice, etc. because their meat is harder and longer enduring firings.

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