In Curropesca also we have the best seafood in the Galician estuaries, selected in the auction by specialized buyers in gender. Once acquired, we distribute immediately or store it in our own nurseries.

Galician seafood is unique and has a deserved international fame. We select and what we offer to savor the true taste of Galicia.

Marketed Species

Almeja Babosa - Venerupis Pullastra

Pullet Carpet Shell

Venerupis Pullastra

Almeja Fina - Venerupis Decussata

Grooved Carpet Shel

Venerupis Decussata

Buey de Mar - Cancer Pagurus

Brown Crab

Cancer Pagurus

Centolla - Maja Squinado

European Spider Crab

Maja Squinado

Cigala - Nephrops Norvegicus

Norway Lobster

Nephrops Norvegicus

Mejillón - Mytilus Galloprovincialis

Mediterranean Mussel

Mytilus Galloprovincialis

Nécora - Liocarcinus Púber

Velvet Crab

Liocarcinus Púber

Langosta - Palinurus Elephas

Spiny Lobster

Palinurus Elephas

Lubrigante - Homarus Gamarus

European Lobster

Homarus Gamarus

Percebe - Pollicipes Cornucopiae

Goose Neck Barnacle

Pollicipes Cornucopiae

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